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Today retailers must use technology to ensure growth even through an uncertain economic environment

Retail has been subject to considerable change in the last few years. Average incomes have gone down modifying buying habits. The fundamental shift in consumer purchase behavior has led to cascading change. Luxury brands have launched their own stores, private label goods are finding buyers, channels have proliferated, targeting customers has become more difficult and the number of SKUs in a store is impossible to manage without technology.

Retailers must address these and a number of other issues to power growth. They need to use technology for operational excellence, manage regional preferences, improve customer satisfaction, and expose store merchandizing trends in real time for smarter business decisions.

KA SAP Solution's retail experience with global customers across geographies provides outstanding customer-centric insight and project execution skills. Our focus is to integrate legacy investments and future proof systems used to manage operations, CRM, shrinkage, ERP, data warehousing, predictive data analytics and price optimization.

KA SAP Solution's capabilities span grocery, fashion, and health and wellness retailing. We are an Oracle Retail Tier 1 Partner and are the most successful integrators of Oracle Retail solutions. We work with domain specialists through our Centers of Excellence ensuring that our customers deliver higher levels of profitability through their technology investments.