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Utility firms continue to be affected by trends of deregulation, changing consumer demographics, aging work force and enhanced customer service expectations. These trends combined with highly volatile commodity prices are affecting utilities, making them take a fresh look at technology as a tool for enhancing their profitability.

How KA SAP Solution Helps
KA SAP Solution helps enhance profitability of utility firms through solutions which have immediate impact on the operational cost and through solutions having positive impact on revenues by improving customer satisfaction.

KA SAP Solution's Utilities solutions for reducing operational costs are-

  • Work Method Standardization
  • Smart Agent Workspace
  • Remote diagnostics solutions for energy trading and risk management

We also introduce Utilities solutions for enhancing revenues that

  • Provide single view of the customer and enable consistent customer interaction
  • Enable quick development and deployment of utility products and services
  • Improve environment, health and safety for increasing brand value

Enabling KA SAP Solution to deliver these services are

  • 2500+ professionals dedicated to Utilities practice
  • Over 9 years of experience with various utility firms across Europe and America
  • Strategic relationship with three major utility firms across UK
  • A domain team of over 100 with expertise in working with government/municipal owned utilities, cooperatives, investor owned utilities and independent system operators
  • A trading and risk management team with backgrounds in energy trading firms and utility using trading to manage risk
  • A pioneer in implementation of SAP ISU with strategic relationship with SAP