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Moving ahead of your consumer

In a global economy with ever-changing consumer preferences, Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers need the flexibility to adapt and serve new demands promptly. A strategic consumer demand management framework is the way forward to reach out to consumer markets. Further, there is a need to understand the downstream implications of design changes in manufacturing, shelf-life, agile supply chain and customer relationship management. Today it is not just about products and services based on consumer insight but to take a leap ahead from insight to foresight and stride ahead of your consumer. It is the time to develop goods not only in accordance with consumer preferences but also which will redefine their tastes and preferences.

KA SAP Solutions can enable Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers in consumer demand management in the following ways -

  • Protect 'BRAND'
  • Enhance 'REACH'
  • Nurture 'INNOVATION'

Our expertise spans areas of packaged application services, application and infrastructure management, it consulting, business intelligence & data warehousing (BI&DW), trade promotion management and business process consulting. KA SAP Solutions Consumer Packaged Goods has over 2500 consultants who have been actively engaged with top customers of the CPG industry. With rich domain expertise and delivery capabilities across diverse technology platforms, KA SAP Solutions offers a full array of technology solutions and services that cater to the total value chain; right from the point of procurement to the point of production/processing till the point of sale. This consumer demand management chain is critical to the success of businesses in this domain and provides an effective edge in meeting the needs of the end consumers.

KA SAP Solutions Consumer Packaged Goods, with its dedicated CPG research cell, identifies the emerging trends and the industry drivers of tomorrow. We leverage our extensive research on various Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) value chain functions to develop business solutions addressing niche industry challenges. We enable CPG manufacturers to re-engineer the way they meet end consumer's needs through Information Technology solutions around areas such as product innovation, trade promotions, supply chain optimization, better knowledge of consumer insights, formulation and packaging, farm to fork traceability, food safety compliance, collaboration with partners, spend effectiveness, to name a few.