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For more than two decades, KASAP' engineering services and solutions have enabled customers across industries to foster product innovation, improve operational efficiencies and shorten time-to-markets.

Client Challenges

  • Demand for new product features catering to local markets
  • ressures for a competitive cost structure requiring improved operational efficiencies in manufacturing
  • Need for innovation with optimal research and product development spends
  • Creation of a worldwide supply chain with significant statutory compliance requirements

What KASAP Provides

  • New Product Development (NPD) Solutions: Product Design, Product Engineering and Product Manufacturing with a focus on Mechanical Design, Embedded Systems and Engineering Automation
  • Plant Solutions and Services: Process Plant Engineering, Digital Manufacturing Solutions, Manufacturing Execution & Intelligence (MEI), Control Systems Solutions, Sourcing Solutions and Integrated Asset Management
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solutions: PLM Business Consulting, PLM Product Implementation and PLM Support
  • Geospatial Technology Solutions: In-depth geo-spatial information system capabilities to implement and integrate geo-spatial technology with other business systems