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Industry Trends

The Transportation industry has often been a reflection of the global economy, more so because it is one of the industries whose growth has been directly linked to globalization. While it has grown multi-fold due to this, it has faced troubled times during the downturn.

To survive and prosper in a volatile economy, Airlines and Travel companies must display a firm commitment to three primary areas - customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and innovation. Travel service providers need to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and increase operational efficiency to stay competitive and to increase customer retention.

Logistics players are witnessing substantial drop in transportation spend, cargo volumes and pricing pressures and modal shift towards low cost transportation modes. Logistics players have initiated multiple measures like network rationalization, process standardization, application rationalization, developing standard logistics platforms, consolidating and outsourcing back office operations.

How KA SAP Solution Helps

KA SAP Solution is helping the industry leaders realize benefits from numerous high-performance endeavors in Travel and Logistics. We help enhance business competitiveness by providing customer-centric, cost-effective IT solutions and services. These solutions address the core business problems and provide competitive edge to global leaders of Travel and Transportation industry.

To ensure continuous industry focus, we are aligned towards the Travel and Logistics sector to cater to the specific needs of each one of them.