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Connecting cutting edge trends in technology

In recent times, the telecom industry has come across a multitude of challenges such as rise of branded services platforms, user interface differentiations and localization of mobile applications. Mobile devices are gradually foraying into new territories such as new technology bands, smart phones and leveraging innovative operating systems like open source and Android. The consumers need to match their mobile devices with these new initiatives.

At KA SAP Solution, we ensure the delivery of mobile device services for the complete mobile ecosystem ranging from Tier 1 semiconductor vendors, handset OEMs, telecom and mobile service providers, and mobile application service providers.

Riding on the back of a successful and proven off-shore delivery framework, our featured mobile devices offerings are:

  • Mobile solutions and services on leading mobile platforms for telecom operators/ media companies, OEM and chipset vendors
  • Complete mobile phone development programs across leading platforms
  • Development of applications for Mobile 2.0
  • Mobile testing services