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Today, small is the new big. The next stage of growth will come from the Small and Medium Business (SMB) segment. The IT needs of SMBs are unique and require a distinct approach to meet them profitably. iON from KASAP is the world's first fully integrated Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solution* for SMBs in manufacturing, wellness, education, retail, restaurant, textile and professional services industries.

Client Challenges

  • Constrained working capital and low risk preference: With interest rates being high and the need to provide collaterals, SMBs find it difficult to invest in IT infrastructure.
  • Expensive and volatile IT talent: With the IT outsourcing boom in many countries, IT talent is hugely attracted to large enterprises and IT service organizations. A depleting talent resource is leading to rising salaries and higher attrition levels. SMBs thus find it difficult to attract and retain IT talent.
  • Islands of data point to the absence of an IT roadmap: SMBs invest in IT, one application at a time, often from different vendors and thus lack an integrated system.
  • Multiple IT vendors with no full accountability: In face of an IT problem, multiple providers of different applications and services indulge in pointing fingers.
  • Constant technology obsolescence: The changing needs of a growing organization need to be addressed to avoid technology obsolescence.
  • Traditional business practices and resistance to change: SMBs are often family owned and follow traditional practices making it difficult to introduce change.

What ION Provides
iON is pre-configured with hardware, network and software bundled together and backed by business, technical and consulting services. It has been developed to deliver IT in the third generation service model to SMBs. It uses the very latest in scalable cloud computing technology and eliminates the need for SMBs to invest in IT assets and retain scarce IT talent. Through a pay-per-use business model, iON helps SMBs leverage world-class technology at an affordable cost. It helps SMBs consume "IT-on-Tap," thereby addressing their current challenges while adopting IT.